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22. jul. 2021 — Chernobyl 1986 is a nuclear disaster of a movie that’s certainly not worth the 2 hour time investment. The romance is tepid at best while the …

After the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant number 4, the USSR and all of Europe is faced with an even greater threat — a possible steam explosion that would eject even more radioactive material into the atmosphere over the entire continent. Firefighter Alexey volunteers for what seems like a suicide mission: manually drain the plant’s reservoir before the melting reactor collapses into it. Risking their lives in service to their country, Alexey and his colleagues must navigate the labyrinthine passages of the plant’s underground, facing danger at every turn from the facility’s quickly failing infrastructure. With time running out, and the fate of all of Europe hanging in the balance, this team of ordinary citizens turned heroes must use all their strength and bravery to save their nation from complete devastation.

Chernobyl 1986 Netflix Movie Review – From Russia with Flaws

After reuniting with a lost love, firefighter Alexey retires to begin a new life — but the Chernobyl disaster suddenly plunges him back into danger. Via Netflix.

With a laborious pace, a lackluster romance and some so-so action set pieces, 1986 essentially uses the Chernobyl disaster as a backdrop for its romance.

Netflix’s Chernobyl 1986 Review: Absolutely Boring, Lengthy …

Netflix’s Chernobyl 1986 Review: Absolutely Boring, Lengthy and Disappointing | Leisurebyte

Chernobyl 1986, focuses on the personal life of a fictional character who plays a major role in containing certain aspects of the disaster.

If I were to describe Chernobyl 1986 in one word, I would say this: Boring. The film manages to take an interesting setting and an equally interesting premise and turn it into something entirely absurd.

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21. jul. 2021 — Chernobyl 1986 may not get out of the trappings or the cliches of disaster films, but with well-designed action scenes, heartfelt emotions, and …

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Chernobyl 1986 review – a typical disaster film with the …

Chernobyl 1986 review – a typical disaster film with the exploration of the human psyche

25. sep. 2021 — This film’s primary content concerns are result the extreme radiation exposure and environmental hazards which cause some gruesome injuries. The …

This review of the Netflix film Chernobyl 1986 does not contain spoilers. On 26th April 1986, humanity had witnessed one of its worst disasters in the

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Chernobyl 1986 Movie Review for Parents

22. jul. 2021 — Instead, Chernobyl 1986 (which has just arrived on Netflix) uses the tragedy as the focus of a classic disaster movie; World Trade Center in …

Why is Chernobyl 1986 rated Not Rated? The Not Rated rating is Latest news about Chernobyl 1986, starring Danila Kozlovskiy, Oksana Akinshina and directed by Danila Kozlovskiy.

‘Chernobyl 1986’ is Russia’s big-screen riposte to the hit HBO …

‘Chernobyl 1986’ is Russia’s big-screen riposte to the hit HBO miniseries

14. mar. 2022 — It begins as a romantic drama that quickly shifts into a disaster movie, and ends as a simple heroic tale against insurmountable odds. There is …

Hollywood has spent decades rewriting history – should we really chastise Russia for doing the same with its new ‘Chernobyl 1986’ film?

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Chernobyl 1986 | Film Review

7. aug. 2021 — The film “Chernobyl 1986” focuses on the firefighters who prevented … The film, which recently arrived on Netflix in Britain and elsewhere …

Chernobyl 1986 is suitable for film collections of disaster, drama, and history genres. All considered Chernobyl 1986 is a highly recommended purchase for international film library shelves.

Dramatizing the Chernobyl Disaster, for Its Survivors

Dramatizing the Chernobyl Disaster, for Its Survivors – The New York Times

11. jun. 2021 — Right now, subscribers on Netflix can watch the Russian movie Chernobyl 1986. This is not a review as much as it is a viewing guide for …

Unlike the recent HBO series, the Russian-language feature film “Chernobyl 1986” explores the human toll of the power plant explosion.

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